"Impossible Dreams Come True!"

"Build 10,000 Schools Around the World"

Operating Philosophy

Dream’s Dream works to build schools around the globe, to provide education for every child, and to help children discover their potential and realize their dreams.

Our Mission

Dream’s Dream works to raise leaders of future generation by providing access to education.

  • Build 80 schools by 2020

  • Build 100 schools by 2022

  • 2026 Global Conference in Jeju Island
  • Build 10K schcools by 2050

Core Values

  1. Love for God and Our Neighbors

  2. Integrity

  3. Transparency

  4. Gratitude

  5. Humility: Pursuing holistic change through humility

Management Policy

  1. We direct 100% of donations into building schools solely done by volunteers.
  2. As our administration is run solely by volunteers, there is no administrative cost.
  3. Dream’s Dream is committed to make information available as much as possible to ensure transparency and honesty. Information, under the premise that it is appropriate and pragmatic, will be made available to the public through various means including our website, Facebook page, and our regular meetings. However, if a disclosure of information may endanger certain individuals, was received with an expectation of confidentiality, or is considered inappropriate for public disclosure, information may not be made available.
  4. We cooperate with organizations including NGOs and NPOs, governments, volunteers, donors, and departments of education.

School Building Projects

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DreamsDream Project No.1

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 네팔 룸비니 학교 증축
  2. 학교이름: Nav Jeevan English Boarding School
  3. 기존학교시설: 교실 16개,강당 1개,화장실 1개로 2층구조
  4. 학교증축: 교실 4개, 화장실, 계단, 난간 공사 및 페인트칠
  5. 공사기간: 2014.03.06~2014.05.30 (완공)
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DreamsDream Project No.2

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 파키스탄 라호르 쎄꾸뿌라 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 교실 3개 신축
  3. 공사기간: 2015.11. ~ 2016.08.22 (완공)
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DreamsDream Project No.3

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 아프리카 차드 겔랜뎅 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 교실 3개 교무실 1개 신축, 2000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2015.11. ~ 2016.09.30 (완공)
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DreamsDream Project No.4

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 파키스탄 파이슬라바드 로께 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 교실 2개 교무실 1개 신축, 2000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2015.12. ~ 2016.07. (완공)
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DreamsDream Project No.5

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 에티오피아 아가코 학교 신축
  2. 학교이름: 에티오피아 아가코 학교
  3. 프로젝트 규모: 30평규모, 교실과 사무실 포함하여 3칸이하 신축, 한화 2,000만원
  4. 공사기간: 2016.10. ~ 2017.07. (완공)
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DreamsDream Project No.6

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 파키스탄 파이슬라바드 타리얀왈라 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 40평규모로 교실과 사무실 포함하여 3칸 신축, 한화 2,000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2016.11. ~ 2017. 02. (완공)
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DreamsDream Project No.7

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 방글라데시 쿨나 샨티노골 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 한화 2,000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2017.09 ~ 미정
  4. 후원자: 유부흥
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드림스드림 8호 프로젝트

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 라이베리아 듀포트 Spiritual Harvest 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 한화 2,000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2017.09. ~ 2018.02 (완공)
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드림스드림 9호 프로젝트

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 탄자니아 킬리만자로 마구구 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 한화 2,000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2016.11.~ 2017.07. (완공)
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드림스드림 10호 프로젝트

  1. 프로젝트 제목: 파키스탄 파이슬라바드 가뜨왈라 학교 신축
  2. 프로젝트 규모: 한화 2,000만원
  3. 공사기간: 2017.01 ~ 2017.05. (완공)
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Children's dreams coming true all begin with a small donation. Support our journey to provide education all around the globe.

You can give through bank transfer, PayPal, and debit or credit card.

Dream's Dream Volunteers


Chaejong Lim
(Possible Lim)

Global President




Sungil Kim




Senghee Ji
Executive Secretary



Changkuk Yang 
Jinyoung Ju




Dokyung Kim


Bongik Ko

Seongil Kim

Donghwa Lee

Seungeon Lee

Juho Lee

Minyul Cho

Gunsu Han

Sohyuk Choi

Lee Ji Sung (Ko ji Sung)


Cha You Ram, Brian Kim, Kang Chan


Board of Directors

Sengyeoul Yoon, Taesoo Lee, Baejin Choi

Board of Directors

Joonyong Park, Jin Bae, Hyodong Bae, Soonjae Yoon, Kangrak Lee, Myungjun Lee, Wonhyung Lee, Inseok Lee, Jiyoung Lee, Herb S. Rhee, Kirae Wang, Jongwon Choi

Board of Directors

Gyeongmin Kim, Sangmin Kim, Hyunho Park, Hyuk Oh, Jukyung Lee, Taeyeol Jeong, Wook-je Cho

Board of Directors

Kyungrok Moon, Eunhyun Park, Hyungjun Park, Donghun Shin, Byungyop Oh, Jongso Lee

Board of Directors

Jungsook Kim, Sunghyun Kim, Youngmin Kim, Sangjae Moon, Wontae Jang, Hyunseop Cho

Board of Directors

Hyojin Ahn, HyoSeok Ryu, Younghyun Jang, SungIl Pyo

IT Online
Board of Directors

HyunKyu Kook, Jungmin Moon, Taegyu Lee, Changshin Lee, Daehwan Jung

Board of Directors

Dalcheol Kang, Jaekyung Kang, Hochang Kim, Jaehee Jang, Jaesun Jung, Byeongwook Cho, Jongcheol Hwang

Public Relations
Board of Directors

Neunghee Kwag, Daehyung Kim, Jisook Song, Geunha Yeo, Junoh Lim, Dongwoon Lee, Jungsun Han

Board of Directors

Yonghui Kim, Eunjoo Kim, Seunggil Kim, Misoon Jang

Board of Directors

Go Junggon, Jongdoo Kim, Jooyoon Kim, Jinhee Kim, Byungwook Moon, Jungae Park, Byungjun Shin, Mihyang Lee, Jinhoon Lee

Board of Directors

Youngseok Kim, Yongok Park, Aeran Oh

Board of Directors

Kwanghyun Kim, Gyeongryul Park, Gyeongbae Park, Eunkyung Lee, Jihyun Lee, Mi-kyung Jang

Board of Directors

Eunjoo Kwon, Namsook Nam, Hyosoon Ahn, Minkyung Jung, Jinyoung Jung

    Korean Branch
   Board of Directors         Seongmin Kang, Yeonwoo Gye (Gwangju), Hyung-cheol Kim (Daejeon), Byeong-soo Min (Taebaek), Byeong-gu Oh (Siheung), Jinsoo Yoon ( West Seoul), Chang-sup Lee (Changwon)

    International Branch    1. Western U.S. Branch: Seonghyun Yoo (Representative), Dongcheol Shin (Team Manager), Unju Chung (Marketing Director), Executive Director: Soojin Kim, Cheol Kim, Doona Park, Unseo Park, Jiun Shin, Jinyeong Hwang, Cultural Director: Myunghwa Chung, 2. San Francisco:  Hoseok Ryu( Representative)Yeon-oh Jung(Team Leader), 3. Southern U.S.: Cheolho Kim(Representative), 3. Colorado Team: Park Joon-hee, 4. Atlanta Team: Chungwoo Lee(Representative), 5.Michigan: Lee Kun-woo(Team Leader) 

6. Canada Branch: Won Hye-jin (Representative of Toronto),  Executive Director: Jiyoung Kim, Sunhye Kim 
Eastern Australia: Jungho Yoon(Representative), 8. Paris: Seunghee Yoo(Representative), 9. South Japan: Fukami Satoshi(Representative) , 10. South India: Aaron Martin(Representative), 11. Argentina Buenos Aires : Youngcheon Han(Representative), 12. Africa: Hmarthens Hakian(Representative)


Jaehan Kim(Advisory Team),Hyeyoung Han(Consultant Team), Hyeyoung Joo(Planning Team), Seungil Ko(Business Team), Chun Seok-yong, Hajun Son, Taeha Ryu(Media Team), Junho Lee, Hyunwoo Lee(IT Online Team), Heungsoo Son(Construction Team), Jinyoung Song(Public Ralations Team), Mijeong Heo, (Marketing Team), Myungse Hong(Content Team), Yunkyo Kim(Domestic Branch Team), Dongki Kim(Global TEam), Soyoung Lee(Culture Team), Yoojin Kang(Intercession Team), Jinsong Hwang(Global Operation Team)

Moonjeong Choi, Yoon-jung Choi(Indonesia), Miso Oh(Syria)

Other partners: LPMC (Representative Mann), Wisedeer (Ceo Sung-Il), Piltong Ministry (Ceo Kim Jung-hwan), Beijing A2 Culture Limited (Ceo Ryu Ho-sun)
Saeil Saeil (representative finalist), ICCMF (Representative Yi Mong-sik), Hope Library Sharing Association (Ceo Lee Chang-jun), Goshen Foods (Ceo Kim Shin-myung), Sharerite (Ceo Park Eun-hyun)