Applying for 2020 Donation Receipts

■ Only the donations made between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 are applicable for donation receipts.

■ Individual Submissions: Please include your name, social security number, home address, telephone number, and email.

■ Organization/Business Submissions: Please include the name of the organization/business, representative’s name, business number, address, representative’s telephone number, and email.

■ Donation receipt can only be issued under the name of the depositor.

■ Personal information will only be used for the purpose of applying for donation receipts.

■ Please send a copy of your business registration card to [email protected]

■ Please note that we do not send physical copies of donation receipts. Donation receipts will be sent electronically via email.

Contact: 070-7500-3623, [email protected], dream dream homepage


■ 1. Donation receipts can only be issued under the name of the depositor.
■ 2. Individual Submissions: Social security number, address, name, telephone/cell phone number, and email address are required.
■ 3. Organization/Business Submissions: Company name, business number, representative’s name and means of contact, and address are required
■ 4. Please send your business registration card by email ([email protected]).